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AJDCS was established in June 2011 by Antony Davies (Tony). With 20 years of consulting experience, Tony wanted to develop a consulting model that provided a focus on quick, effective change and released tangible value for clients, whether in day to day operations, change programmes or high level strategy.

AJDCS grew quickly, with clients from Industry-leading organisations who were looking at driving focussed change, and consultants who have previously worked with Tony. Clients are cross-Industry with global change programmes, and outcomes have been quick and measurable.

AJDCS’ growth has been managed to ensure the highest levels of service continue, with a real focus on client outcomes.  Value continues to be at the heart of the AJDCS consulting approach, so it is no surprise that most clients are either repeat clients of AJDCS or Tony Davies. The term ‘Tangible Business Outcomes’ is used to describe not only the focus on value, but also how this is embedded into the AJDCS approach.


Antony Davies’ career spans 20 years in Consulting; covering a number of areas such as Corporate and IT strategy, Transformational Change, Shared Services, outsourcing operations and Client Side Advising, across multiple industries;  leading to the the growth and development of 3 Consulting divisions and the establishment of AJDCS itself. Prior to this, Tony spent 3 years at Cognizant as a Consulting and Client Partner and 9 years at HP as a Principal Consultant. Tony has an MBA from Birmingham, and a Law Degree from Sheffield.
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